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Chris Setlock founded Setlock Entertainment in 2017 after partnering with artist and DJ, Teddy Rux. Chris' entertainment business knowledge combined with Teddy's impressive stage presence, gripping narratives, and catchy beats have quickly made them a force to be reckoned with.

Chris began her entertainment career as a lover of music but also a performer herself, starring in her first theater show at the age of only 10. Throughout high school, she began to write, direct, and perform her own shows including a parody of "Romeo and Juliet" titled, "Romeo, You Idiot."

Chris attended college at Kennesaw State University where she practiced her art in one woman shows and stand-up comedy acts. Through her confidence and risk taking, she jumped backstage at a Ludacris concert and talked her way into a job.

She started working at Ludacris' restaurant, Straits, in Atlanta. Although she was the youngest employee,  she excelled quickly and in just a few months she was solely managing the planning and execution of private events. Notable events included multiple parties for the Executive Board at  Grey Goose, Ciara's personal birthday party, and  hosting the Fast and the Furious Premier's after party for the starring cast of the franchise.


Chris truly has a love for entertainment. So, with her constant drive combined with her fine-tuned ability to command a room, she has begun to create a name for herself in the Greater Atlanta Area. Due to her reputation, she was invited to work as an assistant at The Punchline Comedy Club where every employee, no matter the role, must be exclusively requested. Chris performed her own stand-up act and also worked with talents such as Jeff Foxworthy, Craig Robinson, and Chris Tucker.

Following this, Chris started an internship at Houghton Talent Agency. She learned to be a communication liaison and problem solver between actor and producer. Also, and most importantly, she learned how to spot talent when she sees it.

After graduation, Chris came to the hard conclusion that with all of her experiences in entertainment, there was still not a good outlet for underground entertainers to get their foot in the door. She created Setlock Entertainment in order for the talented to have the opportunity to "make it" no matter their look, ethnicity, or wealth.

After partnering with Teddy Rux, Setlock Entertainment and Teddy have made it their mission to connect artists to a more fair platform to distribute their art and soul to the world.

Teddy Rux Music

Teddy Rux - "Blow My High" Official

Teddy Rux - "Mama & Daddy"

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